Zion Rock Godchaux

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Zion Rock Godchaux was born and raised in Marin County , in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 1974. The son of Keith & Donna Godchaux of “The Grateful Dead,” Zion was born with music in his blood. Formative years for Zion was traveling with the band, both in the States and overseas, soaking it up both philosophically and musically. By age two, his instinct for rhythm was obvious. At four years old Zion had his own drum set, and at six was playing a special segment with his mom at “Heart of Gold Band” shows.

At seventeen, Zion turned his sights to guitar, singing, and song writing. From there he formed various bands centering around original music. In addition to his deep affinity for the music of “The Grateful Dead,” Zion 's love of music has enabled him to draw from many styles, including blues, reggae, funk, jazz, and electronic.

In 1997 Zion joined the “Donna Jean Band” playing guitar and percussion when the band toured. Later, he also recorded his first CD, “True Vibes of The Scene,” which was a fusion of electronic beats and reggae grooves, wrapped around original songs. The CD enjoyed regional success in the San Diego area where he was living at the time.

More recently in 2003, Zion spent most of the year in the studio with the “Heart of Gold Band,” recording the new CD “At The Table.” In addition to his contribution as songwriter, singer, and musician, he played a major role in producing. Zion is also a professional DJ with the unique approach of incorporating real-time sequencing into the live performances of his original material.