History of The Heart of Gold Band

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Drawn from Robert Hunter's timeless lyric in the GRATEFUL DEAD'S "Scarlet Begonias," the HEART OF GOLD BAND was formed early in 1980 following Keith & Donna Godchaux's 9-year tenure with the GRATEFUL DEAD. A bright beginning included drummer Gregg Anton and guitarist Steve Kimock. Unfortunately, Keith was killed in a car accident in July of 1980, only a few days after the first gig in San Francisco .

The band then reorganized with bassist David MacKay and keyboard player and composer, Mark Adler. From day one, the HEART OF GOLD BAND created an eclectic sound that was enjoyed by enthusiastic audiences around the Bay Area before disbanding in 1981. Thanks to Gregg Anton, the spirit of the band has been kept alive through funky, cassette-recorded gigs, some of which have been released on record and CD.

Twenty-three years later in a most unexpected turn, the HEART OF GOLD BAND is back! The new CD At The Table was recorded in 2003 and released in February, 2004. Keith & Donna's son, Zion Rock Godchaux, wrote, sang, played guitar, drums, percussion, sax, and helped produce many of the songs. Zion and Donna Jean sang a couple of the songs together which, in her words, was "very surreal." Keith's brother, Brian Godchaux, also sang several songs that he wrote, and played acoustic and electric mandolin and violin.

This spring is the exciting debut of the newly reorganized band in a live setting. The music will include selections from the new CD as well as songs from the band's rich musical heritage. Members include Mark Adler, Gregg Anton, Brian Godchaux, Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, Zion Rock Godchaux, David MacKay, and Russ Randolph.